These viewsheds illustrate how much of the landscape was visible from each of the eight Medieval to Modern settlements in the survey area. In each map the green area shows what can be seen from the centre of the settlement, which is marked by a black spot. The map on this page shows the location and name of each settlement. The landscape is seen from the south, with the viewer looking downwards at an angle of 45 degrees. There is an offset of 1.5 metres at each end, and the maximum view is 13 kilometres.

Map of the SCSP survey area, showing Medieval-Modern settlements from which the viewsheds were taken

Each village lies in a bowl, and in every case a person standing in one village cannot see any other village. See the report on the Medieval-Modern period for more discussion.

Viewsheds, from west to east. Click on each one to see an enlarged view

Agrokipia Aredhiou

Ayios Mamas Kalokhorio

Klirou Malounda

Mavrovounos Mitsero