On the broadest level, SCSP's methodology consisted of integrating several disciplinary approaches and techniques: archaeological fieldwalking; planning and mapping; geology and archaeometallurgy; geomorphology and soil science; historical and archive research; geobotany and satellite imagery; and ethnography. Here we explain the archaeological methodology at the core of the project, that of intensive archaeological survey.

SCSP used a systematic intensive survey strategy, well developed and widely used in other areas of the Mediterranean (and in world archaeology generally) but previously adopted only to a limited extent on Cyprus.

Our basic field strategies have been:

  • to walk 50m wide transects north-south across the entire survey area at 500m intervals, in order to obtain a broad systematic sample of the survey area

  • to utilize spatial information entered daily into the GIS in order to determine which topographic, geological and landuse factors may have conditioned the occurrence of exposed cultural materials

  • to conduct block survey of 'Special Interest Areas' which showed extensive evidence of early industrial, agricultural or settlement activities

  • to investigate specific 'Places of Special Interest', designated by obtrusive remains or densities of artifacts.